Art and Fear

 I have constant problems keeping up with drawing.. lots of times because whatever I draw I don't like at all. Not that putting it up here in the public space, means I agreed on the goodness of my works. Posting usually happens in moments of feeling brave and trying not to think about how amazing the rest of the art world is.
But I have started reading this amazing book called Art and Fear, Observations of the Peril (and Rewards) of Artmaking by David Bayles and Ted Orland, which made me realize a lot of things. I highly recommend it to anyone dealing with art, not only drawing but writing, music and etc.

And since I am in my moment of braveness I am posting something I drew some time ago, and colored recently.

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Hope you are having nice time browsing around!

2 коментара:

Nikolay Vasilev said...

Thanks God, you're reading that book! We've been missing your work around here :)

Zeynep said...

For a second I thought if we talked about that book at all. I love it and have given it to friends as gifts. :)