Finally !

And finally after hours and hours of fixing, rendering, fixing again.. and again rendering.. and probably some rendering in the close future, I present you my "year and a half sweat and tears work". Although there was a lot of pleasure too... and I can assure you it was much more than the tears :P.

So.. it is not perfect, but it is the best work I have, done with tons of love and dedication.

I just want to add a "thank you from the bottom of my heart" note ...

I want to thank all the AMers for helping with their feedback. You were so great!!! Love you all!
I can't thank enough AM for giving me the chance to meet you all.

I want to thank my super amazing and awesome mentors, that lead me through this great adventure: Jalil Sadol, JoshBook, George Schermer, Paul Mendoza, Mark Pullyblank and Kenny Roy. You are amazing! I still can't believe I had the opportunity to have your awesome critiques.

And thank you, to my lead and my boss/endlessly!!! Thank you Gabs!/, for not dismissing me from work :))) /Hopefully I was doing my work well enough! I tried my best./

And of course /last but definitely not least/, thank you to all the people /especially my mum, sis and boyfriend ;)/, that supported me and was next to me, no matter how grumpy and tired I was :)))) /and I was hell tired and hell grumpy!/

... I am not at the Oscars, I know... I just needed to write down what I think :) And I have never had the chance to share this .. so..


DemoReel 2010 from Svetla Radivoeva on Vimeo.

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13 коментара:

Amogh said...

Awesomeee work Svetla!!It is Been so inspiring to watch ur reel come along!! So amazing to see some of those shots come along from start!!
Awesomee stuff!!

Amogh said...

Awesomeee Work Svetla!! It has been so inspiring and amazing seeing some of these shots come along from the start!! I feel lucky to have been able to follow ur work for sometime at AM!! Wish U luck for the future!!

Slaf said...

Looks great! =-)

Nikolay Vasilev said...

hehe :) Congratulations Svetla :) Keep up the good work! :)

Gaby said...

Fantastic work, Svetli! It might have been tough at times, but the result is great! Congratulations! Get some well deserved rest and enjoy your moment! :)))

Brad said...

Awesome Demo Reel Svetla!!
Congrats on Graduating!

Ameer Malkosh said...

Congrats Svetla,
Your reel is looking great, thank you for the inspirational work & keep it up :D
are you attending Siggraph or the AM bbq?

Jasbeer Kootbally said...

Rotal awesomeness!! :D

and congrat on finishing AM!!

G1toons said...

congrats. hopefully I will see you at graduation?

3dsketchbook said...

Love it Svetla :) Im sure you will land a very amazing job with that reel :) When you do, can you get me one :P (jk)

G1toons said...

it was nice meeting you and venelin, good luck in the future I am sure you will be working soon

gen*''' said...

Congratz! You`va got that fine touch{"p'

gen* said...

0000000000000000000000000000000000!that`s the comment of my cat wandering in the keyboard while I tried to tie up some words - but I only agree~.000h! fine touch, really!