Pijo and Penda

In Bulgaria we celebrate many things in March, first of it is 1st of March, when every person puts matrtnitsa on himself/herself. It is varies in form and shape, but it is always a white and red yarn joint together for health and purity. And one of the most famous variants of martenitsa is Pijo /guy/ and Penda /girl/.
 So I had a bit of fun with them here.

Иииии... не знам дали има смисъл да обяснявам кои са Пижо и Пенда на български, струва ми се неуместно :)
 Честит 1-ви и 3-ти март !!!

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2 коментара:

Rajesh said...

Good..really nice illustration!!

Katia Grifols said...

Look at youu!!!!! You worked a looooottt!!!!!!!!! huhuuuu really suuuper cooool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

I really like all your new things!!! suuuper charmingggggg!!!!! ( and I am not being annoying! Its true!)