Baba Marta

This is an old one that I forgot to post on the blog, because I missed the right time to do it two years in a row.
This is young Baba Marta (Granny March), who 
symbolizes the end of winter and the beginning of spring and is celebrated on 1st of March with wearing martenitsa.  We wear martenitsa for the whole month of March until we see the first stork (storks go away for the winter season to warmer places and come back in spring) or the first blossomed tree.
I really don't remember where I have heard this from but there was this saying that when it is snowing in March - Baba Marta is patting (or beating) her carpet. Not sure if it makes real sense in English.

Пропускам да публикувам тази рисунка две години под ред. Далеч е от идеална, но я бях правила по повод 1ви март и мисля, че най на края е време да я споделя и в блога.
Баба Марта (млада версия :Р) си тупа килима. 

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