My contribution to Frozen

And this time came, when I could find some time to put together the work I did on Frozen and finally share it with you :)
I also have to add that nothing would have been the same without the leadership helpful notes and feedback I've been getting during production!

Най-накрая дойде моментът, в който успях да намеря малко време, за да събера работата си по "Замръзналото кралство" и да я споделя тук!
Трябва задължително да добавя и че нищо от това, което съм направила нямаше да е същото без невероятната помощ и корекции от ръководителите на анимационния департамент!

Svetla Radivoeva - 'Frozen' Animation Reel from Svetla Radivoeva on Vimeo.

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Hope you are having nice time browsing around!

4 коментара:

Jack said...

Waw, Svetla! Some of the shots that really stayed with me after the movie are in there. I miss a bit of flipper action though...

Bravo, as we say in these parts, bravo indeed.

Anonymous said...

The part where Elsa bites her bottom lip when she raises her ice castle is MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE PART OF THIS SCENE. I have to re-enact this specific moment precisely down to her hands and lip-biting whenever I'm singing along, I love it so much.

Andrea Femerstrand said...

Wow so many great shots! Recognized a lot of them from the movie. Big congrats!!

Don't know if you remember me, but we met last year at Story Tavern. Hope you're well nowadays :)

- Andrea from Sweden

svetla said...

Thank you all!

-Jack, I am not sure what is "flipper action", but probably I agree. We don't get to pick the shots we do, but I think I was lucky in this movie. The next one though, has a lot of action!

-ashley70, you have no idea how happy this makes me feel! :)

-Andrea, sure I remember you! I am good, thanks! Hope you are doing good too! I have checked your stuff and they are amazing!