Waiting for the Ralph release

It has been long time since I have posted in my blog. Hopefully this will change if my inspiration decides to come back to me.
Last months have been pretty intense. We finished working on the Walt Disney animated feature - Wreck-It Ralph, which premiere is in 2 days!!!!! It was an amazing experience, working with amazing team and learning tons. It will be hard to describe my feelings.. I can just say I enjoyed it a LOT!

PS. On the picture is me being cold in our office  :))))

Here is the trailer of the movie, in case you haven't seen it already:

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Hope you are having nice time browsing around!

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Johannes Scribbles said...

awesome work on your blog! :)

Nikolay Vasilev said...

wow :-) great news!:-) and great sketch again! i am showing off around here that a Bulgarian took part in the creation of the Ralph film :-) which part of the it you did? :-) all the best and keep up the good work! :-)

Nikolay Vasilev said...
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