Cupcake Lover


Since we started crunch at work it has been really hard to find time to draw or to color my stuff.
This is a piece I did in February.  The cupcakes, at that time, started to be a huge temptation and I stopped them since then.. probably right after I did this drawing :)))

I wish I could just post my rough sketches, but I know that if I do it, I won't have any motivation to color them at all.

PS. My pattern inspiration comes straight from Kat in Wonderland :)))

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6 коментара:

del said...

that is the cutest post ever -
loveeee her last burst out- awesome

My obsession for cupcakes has lead me to similar circumstances -lol
Blast those wretched cream filled cakes of heaven :/

Violka-Antevasin said...

Хахах много е яко!

Nevena Nikolcheva NEN said...

these are super cool Svetla !

svetla radivoeva said...

Glad you like it :))))

Не бях сигурна дали смешката се получи, както я бях замислила, защото се сетих да проверявам за това твърде късно, но се радвам, че ви харесва!

Nikolay Vasilev said...

Amazing :)))

Изглежда толкова истинско и представено по забавен начин :))) Поздравления! :)

Carlos Lutterbach said...

Hi Svetla. This put a smile in my face. Very funny. Great drawings!