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This beer is called Leffe, and it is one of my favorite. There are many variations, but I prefer Leffe Brune /and sometimes Leffe Blonde/.

There is one beer which even breaks the amazing taste of Leffe, but they don't serve it everywhere /I'll try to take a picture of it if I have the chance/.

And - no.. I am not an alcoholic..

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5 коментара:

Nevena Nikolacheva NEN said...

looks nice :)

Мария said...

Сууууууупер. Точно стоя пред едно Leffe Blonde :)

svetla radivoeva said...

С малко закъзнение - на здраве! :)))

Nonamed said...

Cool! It is my favourite too :].

Marin Petrov said...

No way! This one is the best Belgian