Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New 2011!!!

For start of the new year I am sharing with you two small test done for fun, by me :).

2d animation helps me to learn so much more, and the pleasure of drawing and animating at the same time cannot be described :)

PillowWalk test from Svetla Radivoeva on Vimeo.

PillowJump test from Svetla Radivoeva on Vimeo.


Francois Maree said...

Happy new year to you too Svetla! Your tests are looking good. Keep it up. :)

Nikolay Vasilev said...

Happy New Year, Svetla :)
The animations are great! Congratulations! :)

Nevena Nikolacheva NEN said...

yo защо си ги правила O_o

Vesselin said...

Very nice work for the both of the pillows! I like it very much! Great job indeed.


Karisa said...

Simply Stunning tests Svetla !!!! i love it !
very appealing and so "Disney-like" *smile*