AM Newsletters November 2010 :)

I wasn't sure if it is good idea to post this here, but this is one of the things that doesn't happen every day, so I am sharing the AM November Newsletters with you:

*Thanks to the editor, I probably sound better than I did back then. She nicely manage to cut out all of my stupidity /thanks Amanda!/. This video was taken in Animation Mentor headquarters, when I was in the states for my graduation.


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Hope you are having nice time browsing around!

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Francois Maree said...

Congrats Sveti! Well deserved. :-)

Flop said...

Hey Svetla...
Congrats for your interview !!
That's cool to see you explaining your way of thinking :)
Hope to see new animation stuff on your blog soon!

Cheers from Paris!


Nikolay Vasilev said...

Hehe :) Congratulations Svetla :) It was very interesting to find out how all this great work of yours was done behind the scenes :)) Awesome!! :) Keep up the good work! :)