Class 2

So... one more term has passed... phewwww...
I feel very pleased with AM so far! Learned tons of stuff, and hopefully am going to learn much more :))) Plus fellow students are awesome! So I want to thank you all that you gave me your wonderful feedback and helped me through this semester. And thanks to my wonderful mentor Josh Book, that for sure gave awesome e-critiques!
This is my progress so far, hope you are going to enjoy what you see.
A lot of stuff could look much better, but as you know this is part of a learning process so hopefully someday I am going to be fully satisfied of my work :)))

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Hope you are having nice time browsing around!

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SMAlvarado said...

Very nice! I'm just starting Class 1 in in a few weeks. Watching your progress makes me excited!

Rob Tighe said...
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Rob Tighe said...

Heya Svelta!

Just one comment, the screen left foot around frame 127 could be delayed one or two frames to break up the feet more.

I had fun being a Peer Buddy. I was happy to make those comments, though I am guilty of slacking towards the end of term. :(
Games animation is a great time. There 's a LOT of work to be done, which (as no excuse) explains my lack of posts the last fortnight.

I'm glad you found them helpful. It's hard to tell if you're helping someone or just bothering them! Some students here are more experienced than me and I still tried to give them helpful crits. It was a challenge at times! LOL.

Anywho, I'm just raising a family and doing the games animation thing. We're working on the before mentioned games (LOTRO and DDO) and new projects. Pretty busy. That's a good thing.

Good luck going forward. You're getting better with each shot I see.



Amogh said...

Hey Svetla

Awesome work!!! Love all ur shots they r so koool........hope i'll b able to do some sorta wok like that in class 2!! U guys have raised the bar for us :)

Maria Kalcheva said...

Go girl!! Really nice!!! Evalata kako ;)

Шлемовеец said...

Congratulations, Svetla! Very nice!
I'm your fan :)

Micha Herold said...

Hahahaha I was cracking up over the dance!! Hilarous!
I want a detailed making-of report :)