Here I am again

So I haven't been around for a while, but some new drawings are coming up. As a start I'm going to finish with my cabaret series... :) Enjoy and feel free to comment!

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Hope you are having nice time browsing around!

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Ani said...

:-) Congratulations! All of them are simply magnificent!

I enjoy this cabaret series sooo much!

Would you like to tell me what drawing technique and software do you use? They are really fine. :-)

svetla radivoeva said...

As a software I use Photoshop.. and as a techniquie I am not quite sure what do you exactly mean by that? I don't know how to specify it. Pencil and paper and after that a scanner and a tablet.. :) /ask for more if I haven't been enough/

And I am glad to read that u like these stuff! :))))))))

Ani said...

:-))) thanks, I understood what i was curious about - the tablet.

I usually use also pencil and scan the drawings after that, but then I use Photoshop or mostly Macromedia Fireworks for coloring and it's hard and never so fine. :-)

For example, I admire very much your style and the style of Monica Calvo, if you know her -

Somehow I was sure that this is not possible to be done without tablet, even if I know for some people, able to make masterpieces only with the mouse. :-)

I am still wondering about buying a tablet, cause I never tried it and I don't know how it's gonna be.

Probably, i will dare to try then, thanks again.

Please, post more of your drawings - it is such a pleasure to me, and also they have magic spirit in themselves...


Ani :-)